The Azerbaijani city of Guba has been declared the "Agricultural Capital of the Organization of Turk

At the 2nd meeting of the Ministers of Agriculture of the Organization of Turkic States (TDT), held in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, the city of Guba was declared the "Agricultural Capital of the Organization of Turkic States".
The meeting, organized by the Minister of Agriculture of Azerbaijan Majnun Mammadov, was attended by TDT Secretary General Ambassador Kubanychbek Omyuraliyev, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Ibrahim Yupakly, Minister of Agriculture of Uzbekistan Aziz Voitov, Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources of the TRNC Huseyn Chavush, First Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Kyrgyzstan Murat Ramatov and Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan Abilkhayyr Tamabek.
Following the meeting, the ministers signed a declaration and made statements to the press.
Minister Yumakli, in his speech at a press conference, said that they discussed sustainable agriculture, self-sufficiency and the desire to ensure food security.
Yumakly said: "The exchange of information on such topics as combating climate change, climate-optimized agricultural technologies, efficient use of water, water and land resources management was widespread. In order to increase trade in agriculture, a study will be conducted to find complementarities and value chains of agricultural products. The results of this study will be brought to the attention of TDT members. We also discussed halal food and agricultural insurance."
Azerbaijani Agriculture Minister Mammadov said: "Given that our countries have great potential in the field of agriculture, we are aiming to further deepen our cooperation in this area."
Mammadov reported that the current state of cooperation between the CIS countries in the field of agriculture and possible future cooperation were discussed in detail at today's meeting.
Noting that the TDT member countries closely cooperate in the field of agriculture at the bilateral and multilateral levels, Mammadov said: "Such issues as increasing the volume of trade in agricultural and food products, encouraging mutual investments, transfer of modern technologies, mutual exchange of best practices, effective management of land and water resources have been identified as future areas of cooperation, promotion of the agricultural insurance system".
Mammadov also said: "As the Azerbaijani side, we presented our ideas and proposals to the member states, such as the creation of a unified digital platform for agricultural data of the Turkic states, joint production of agricultural and food products under the TDT brand, and agreed to work in this direction. We also proposed to introduce agricultural capital in TDT countries. Each year, with rotation, one city will be declared the agricultural capital of TDT. At this meeting, we declared the city of Guba of Azerbaijan the agricultural capital of the TDT."