Chairman of the Presidential Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina Komsic: "Turkey's friendship is valuable for us"

Chairman of the Presidential Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina Komsic: "Turkey's friendship is valuable for us"

Chairman of the Presidential Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina Zeljko Komsic said that friendship with Turkey is valuable for his country.

In an interview with an AA correspondent, Komsic assessed the relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey, the process of Bosnia and Herzegovina's membership in the European Union (EU) and the issues on the agenda.

Noting that Turkey is a very important country, Komsic said: "Turkey is a country that has grown significantly under the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Only those with bad intentions can stop it. It is an obvious fact that Turkey has become a key geopolitical player."

Stressing that Turkey has also become a geopolitical power, Komsic said: "Friendship with Turkey is valuable for us. We need to improve this even more. Turkey supports some concrete steps by Bosnia and Herzegovina, even if it is at a loss. It is incredible that there is a foreign country in Bosnia and Herzegovina that everyone welcomes with a friendly welcome. Regardless of their political views, every official says, "Turkey is a brotherly country."


Stating that all segments of Bosnia and Herzegovina are open to cooperation with Turkey, Komsic said: "We must develop and strengthen our relations with Turkey. I assure you that during the 3 years that I will work in the administration, I will work to further strengthen relations with Turkey."

Also noting that Turkey has always been on the side of Bosnia and Herzegovina politically, Komsic said: "Turkey is our biggest supporter when it comes to NATO membership. Whenever you ask for help, she is always there. I would like to strengthen our cooperation in the coming period, especially in the field of defense and the private sector, because Turkey is far ahead in these areas.


Recalling that Bosnia and Herzegovina has received the green light to start EU accession negotiations if it fulfills certain conditions by March 2024, Komsic said: "No one knows exactly when the accession negotiations will begin. Even those who are in Brussels cannot foresee this," he said.

Arguing that Brussels is unwilling to start EU accession negotiations with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Komsic said: "Europe wants to solve some of its problems internally and is currently unable to accept the Western Balkans. Europe has its own internal problems. I believe that Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Western Balkans will remain on the waiting list unless the EU member states change their relations with each other."

"We are not in a position to risk losing the friendship of a powerful country like the United States, but we must have the courage to say when they are doing something wrong," Komsic said. It is unacceptable for the United States to support Croatia's position in Bosnia and Herzegovina."

Stressing that the United States cares about Croatia's interests in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Komsic argued that Croatia also wants to be influential in its country and does not allow decisions to be made alone.


Pointing out that the Republika Srpska (RS), one of the two entities in the country created in accordance with the Dayton Peace Agreement that ended the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, also allows "pulling the strings" with Serbia, Komsic said that RS President Milorad Dodik continues his separatist rhetoric throughout 20 years old.

Komsic stated that his country is in a "paradoxical position" and said: "Dodik is looking forward to withdrawing from the Dayton Peace Agreement. Thus, she can implement the final phase of the RS independence project. All this may seem politically depressing, because there are a lot of questions in the future."

Regarding Dodik's growing separatist rhetoric recently, Komsic said, "Dodik has no way to start conflicts. He knows about it. We don't have either. Dodik is playing a tricky game, and the worst is going well. He wants to push us to abandon Bosnia and Herzegovina. Because he knows that Bosnia and Herzegovina can disappear only if we want it to."

Noting that the current situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is not very rosy, Komsic stressed that they continue to struggle.

Komsic also said the following regarding the recent increase in the number of attacks and provocations against Bosniaks in the RS:

"First of all, we must make sure that the judicial process works correctly. Do you know what the most ridiculous situation is here? The police take the necessary measures after the attacks and detain the perpetrators. However, the trial is not initiated. We need a trial to make some things in this country fall into place."