EU and NATO member states have retreated: There is no support for Ukraine.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that his country was in no hurry to approve Sweden's membership in NATO, and said that he would not support Ukraine at the international level until the previous laws concerning the rights of Transcarpathian Hungarians were restored.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, speaking in the Hungarian parliament, signaled the extension of the approval process for Sweden's membership in NATO. "I wonder if there is anything urgent in approving Sweden's membership in NATO? I don't see such a situation."

Sweden, which applied for NATO membership last year after Russia's attack on Ukraine, has been under consideration in the Hungarian Parliament since July 2022 in the process of ratification. Like Hungary, Turkey has not yet ratified Sweden's membership in NATO.

No support for Ukraine

Speaking on the occasion of the opening of the autumn legislative session of the parliament, Orban said that they would not support the position of Ukraine if the laws guaranteeing the rights of the Hungarian minority in Ukraine were not restored. "Ukraine has been opposing Hungarian schools for many years. They want to turn them into Ukrainian schools and, if they fail, close them. The Hungarian Government fights at every international forum for the rights of Transcarpathian Hungarians, especially minority children. "Until the previous laws on the rights of Transcarpathian Hungarians are restored, we will not provide any support to Ukraine in the international arena."

Source: AA