Tatarin stated that they want a solution to the Cyprus issue on the basis of equality of the two states

Tatarin stated that they want a solution to the Cyprus issue on the basis of equality of the two states

President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Ersin Tatar stated that they want a two-state solution to the Cyprus issue on the basis of equality.


At a press conference held at the Turkish Embassy in Berlin, Tatar said: "We intend to reach a yes agreement, but on the basis of equality. The sovereignty of the Turkish Cypriots is extremely important."

Stressing that they want a two-state solution based on equality in the Cyprus issue, Tatar said that in order for them to sit down again at the negotiating table with the Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus (GCA), direct flights, trade opportunities, isolation should be canceled, the right of athletes to participate should be on the agenda participation in competitions and the right to meet with other interlocutors.

Stating that these studies should be initiated on the basis of equality in the research and development of natural resources in the Mediterranean, Tatar said: "It is the Greek Cypriot administration and the TRNC that will initiate this. They tell us, "Come and give us a representative." But we do not recognize the Republic of Cyprus. We were thrown out at gunpoint. The Republic of Cyprus is an occupied republic. They will attach the same importance to the TRNC as to the other side."

Stating that they can sit down at the negotiating table and start interstate negotiations when they are satisfied with the new understanding that will appear on the issue of sovereignty, Tatar continued:

"If the interstate negotiation process does not begin, then no result will be achieved when they sit down at the negotiating table with the Turkish Republic of Cyprus and us, as with the Turkish Cypriot community, as it was in the past. If they think about it a little bit, they'll see it. The Greek Cypriot side is already saying, "What should we give them? Nobody knows them. Let me move on. I am a recognized state, I am a member of the EU." No matter what you do from this table, there will be no results, as in the Annan plan, in the end, they reject all kinds of proposals and move on. We continue to live unrecognized."

Reacting to the proposals "Come, give up your state, let us integrate you, but give up the state," Tatar stressed that these and similar proposals are tantamount to insulting the Turkish Cypriots and their struggle.

Addressing Europe, Tatar said: "I have a history, I have a struggle, I have a national position, I have values, I have spirituality, I have a son, and I have Turkey. Come, respect. If they appoint several diplomats to explain what kind of respect it is, they will tell them. As long as there is an intention, but I don't see that intention right now. Because they are part of the EU family. Both Greece and the Greek Cypriot administration are there. Smile at me, give me a smile, they continue to be unfair to us with such understanding so as not to offend each other. I hope they will recover from this mistake not too long ago."

Explaining that the TRNC maintains its position, Tatar said: "Sovereign equality, equal international status. With their confirmation, you can return to the negotiating table. What is sovereign equality? They have to admit that I am also a state," he said.

"The TRNC will always exist,"

Stating that they will never surrender to the Greek Cypriots, Tatar continued his speech as follows:

"The game is on. It is to create a world in which the majority will rule the minority within this federal roof, and Turkey will retreat, as well as dissolve and assimilate us into it. Our sovereignty and statehood are very important, because we will not come to such a game. It should continue to exist in this geography on the terms of sovereign equality and cooperation between the two States after the conclusion of the agreement. But the agreement must be interstate. What they are talking about is an agreement between the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Cypriots, that is, it will make me a citizen and dissolve me in the Republic of Cyprus. That's how national and important it is."

Recalling that some former European politicians considered the adoption of the Greek Cypriot administration of South Cyprus a mistake, the President of the TRNC Tatar said: "The officials with whom we met say: "We weren't there at the time, they made a mistake." We are looking at what we have." Every time I meet with the Secretary-General of the United Nations, he says: "I wasn't there then," he says, "I found it in front of me, I'm trying to deal with it." They've been doing terrible things at intervals for 40 years. Let's see what they will do in 2044. God bless the year 2044. But the TRNC will always exist."