The "18th International Grand Congress of the Turkish Language" has started in Kosovo

The "18th International Grand Congress of the Turkish Language", organized by the University of Hassan Pristina, opened in Pristina, the capital of Kosovo.

The opening ceremony was attended by Turkish Ambassador to Pristina Sabri Tunc Angily, former President of Kosovo Fatmir Sejdiu, Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo for Communities and Human Rights Emilia Rejepi, Deputy from the Democratic Turkish Party of Kosovo (DCTP) Fidan Brina Jilta, Coordinator of the Turkish Agency for Cooperation and Coordination (TIKA) in Pristina Fulya Aslan Ramazan Yilmaz, Coordinator of the Yunus Emre Institute (YEE) for Kosovo, Faculty of Philology of Hassan Pristina University Turkish Language and Literature was attended by Associate Professor Dr. Ergin Jable, Head of the Department, and many guests.

The Ambassador of Anguilla said that language is not only a means of speech, but also a means of thinking.

Stating that philology is the key to the knowledge and deep understanding of the nation itself through the scientific method, Anguily said: "I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who contributed to the organization of the 18th International Great Congress of the Turkish Language in Kosovo. which, in my opinion, is the ancestral home of the Turks in the Balkans."

Former President Sejdiu stated that he was very pleased with the organization of the congress and that Turkey had always supported Kosovo in the most difficult times.
TIKA Coordinator Aslan said that their support for this congress is an indicator of TIKA's efforts to preserve, popularize and enrich the Turkish language, culture and literature in related geographical regions.

In his speech, the head of the Department of Jable gave information about the Department of Turkish Language and Literature, which has been operating for 35 years, and stated that the number of students studying undergraduate programs over the past 4 years has exceeded 100, and the number of graduate students was 57.

After the performances, the participants were presented with plaques and badges.

The Congress, which will last until September 28, is organized by the Department of Turkish Language and Literature of Hassan Pristina University and Bilkent University with the support of the Turkish Embassy in Pristina, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, TIKA, YEE and the Ihsan Dogramaji Erbil Foundation.