The grand opening of the "Science of Nicosia" took place in the TRNC

The grand opening of the "Science of Nicosia" took place in the TRNC


The Science and Technology Center Science Nicosia has been opened in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the center located in the historic quarter of Arabahmet in the capital of Nicosia, which will provide young people with the opportunity to study for free with seminars in various fields of science, TRNC President Ersin Tatar expressed gratitude for Turkey's transfer of its achievements in technology to Northern Cyprus and said: "No one can block the path of our youth, our youth deserves everything."

Stating that if the Turkish Cypriot people and youth, who are subjected to all kinds of injustice under the embargo, are given opportunities, it will be possible to educate a new Aziz Sanjar, Tatar noted that the Turkish Cypriot people, who managed to survive despite great pressure and persecution, will also successfully progress in science and technology.

"Strong youth is coming"

Minister of Youth and Sports Osman Ashkin Bak stressed that science is an important force, and recalled that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attaches great importance to science and technology.


Stating that the youth of the TRNC can make a significant contribution to the future of the country by kneading it with the help of science and technology, Buck said: "Strong youth is coming. The door is open here for young people to be interested in science and technology. There are so many opportunities for young people at this door. Young people come to show that the world is bigger than 5".

Drawing attention to Turkey's investments in national technologies and developments in the defense industry over the past 21 years, Bak noted that Turkey has gained significant power thanks to the latest developments in these areas.


Technofest will be held in TRNC


Baykar Chairman of the Board and Head of Technology Selcuk Bayraktar also recalled that more than 1 million participants applied to participate in the Technofest held in Turkey this year, and expressed his belief that young people can change the world with the help of technology and science.


Noting that Science Nicosia will provide young people with the opportunity to study while having fun at seminars on mathematics, astronomy, space and aviation, design, agriculture, natural sciences and entrepreneurship, Bayraktar said: "We are committed to holding Teknofest in Northern Cyprus as soon as possible."

Stressing the importance of using science and technology to alleviate human suffering, Bayraktar said that technology should also support justice, kindness and compassion.

After the performances, Bilim Nicosia was commissioned with ribbon cutting.

The project of the Cyprus Science and Intelligence Foundation "Science Nicosia" was implemented with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Turkey, the Turkish Embassy in Nicosia, the Office for Development and Economic Cooperation (BSEC) of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Nicosia and the Technology Team of Turkey (T3 Foundation) in cooperation with the Administration of Funds of Cyprus, the Ministry of National Education and the Istanbul University campus Technical University in Northern Cyprus.


Mathematics, astronomy, space and aviation, design, agriculture, natural sciences, entrepreneurship and practical seminars in Nicosia, which is expected to become an important scientific and technical base of the TRNC, will serve students and young people free of charge.

The opening ceremony was attended by TRNC Prime Minister Unal Ustel, Turkish Ambassador to Nicosia Metin Feyzioglu, TRNC Minister of Economy and Energy Olgun Amjaoglu, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Cyprus Science and Intelligence Foundation Mustafa Tumer, Coordinator of the BSEC Office Omer Jihan, Chairman of the Council for Higher Education, Planning, Supervision, Accreditation and Coordination (YÖDAK) TRNC Turgay Avdzhi, students and youth.