The President of the TRNC Tatars met with veterans of Cyprus in Trabzon

The President of the TRNC Tatars met with veterans of Cyprus in Trabzon

The President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Ersin Tatar, addressing the veterans of Cyprus, whom he met in Trabzon, said: "I am glad to congratulate you in Trabzon after 50 years."

President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Ersin Tatar, at a meeting with Cypriot veterans at a hotel in the Ortahisar district, thanked the honorary mehmetchiks, the armed forces of the Turkish Republic restored from the ashes by the Great Leader Kemal Ataturk, who participated in the Cyprus peacekeeping operation to protect the property and safety of their compatriots in Cyprus, and restored from the ashes of the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

"If there is an independent Turkish state in the Eastern Mediterranean, it is thanks to your heroism"

Stating that it means a lot, Tatar said:

Because, being the sons of a great nation, you certainly weren't going to give the island of Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean to the Greeks. I would like to pay tribute to the memory of the then Prime Minister, Mr. Bulent Ejevit, and his Deputy Prime Minister, Necmettin Erbakan. Because the decision they made was very historic. If there is an independent Turkish state in the Eastern Mediterranean today, then this is your operation and heroism, and our presence there continues thanks to the epic that you wrote with our mehmetchiks in those days.

"You have made great sacrifices in your 20s,"

Stressing that the Cyprus peacekeeping operation has taken its place in the glorious history, Tatar said:

To take your place as a Mehmetchik in your 20s is a great sacrifice that you have made for yourself, your families, your grandchildren and our people.

"We fell together, we suffered martyrdom together"

Honoring the memory of the martyrs, Tatar said that he shed tears when he saw soldiers from all over Anatolia lying mehmetchikov near death.

The Tatar declared that the martyrs had grown together forever as one, and said:

It is very important. Because we fell together and were martyred together. Of course, it is very important and valuable to protect the rights and laws of such a people and to continue this policy worthy of our glorious history. In this regard, I would like to once again thank the distinguished President of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, for supporting the policy of two separate independent States that I am pursuing.

"We must defend our borders "

Noting that they have always been involved in negotiations on an agreement in Cyprus for many years, Tatar explained the struggle of the founding president of the TRNC, Rauf Raif Denktash, for this cause.

Listing the events in the history of Cyprus, Tatar noted that the rules of the game have changed a lot with the admission of the Greek Cypriot administration of Southern Cyprus to the European Union.

The President of the Tatars continued his speech as follows:

While the North and South are playing all sorts of intrigues to destroy us inside the European Union with the structure that will turn into a unitary state under a federal roof and over time, since the Turkish Republic is not part of the European Union, according to their statements, the termination of Turkey's guarantee, recognition and protection of the guarantor of the Federal Republic of Cyprus by the European Union, and What is even more painful is the Turkish armed forces that were deployed to the Island with you. We will never be able to say yes to such a decision, we will reject it. Our presence in Cyprus, the independence and freedom of the Turkish Cypriot people, the security of their property and lives, as well as the only basic conditions for the protection of our rights and laws in the blue homeland around Cyprus in our homeland, the Republic of Turkey, are, of course, a continuation of Turkey's guarantee and perpetuation of the presence of Turkish soldiers in Cyprus. That is why, as President of the TRNC, with the authority I have received from my people, and with the support of the Motherland and the guarantor country of the Turkish Republic, I shout every day to the whole world that the guarantee of the Turkish Republic in Cyprus must be preserved, and Turkish soldiers will exist there forever, because we are this main red flag. We will never be able to give up our positions. Being an integral and inseparable part of Anatolia and the great Turkish nation, the Turkish Cypriots can preserve their independence and freedom only on this basis. This great struggle that we are now waging against the whole world is a sacred struggle, an ancient struggle.

"We have achieved very important successes in the region,"

Drawing attention to the importance of the island, Tatar said:

There are hydrocarbon resources around Cyprus. The geopolitical and geostrategic importance of Cyprus is increasing. Today, when we look at Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Libya, the island of Cyprus is only 40 miles from Turkey as the flagship. When you look from Kyrenia in the morning, you can see the Taurus Mountains, when you look from the Taurus Mountains, you can see Five fingers, you can take water from Anamur to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus through suspended pipes, and now, on the instructions of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Cyprus is a natural extension of Anatolia and Turkey. We can further strengthen the ties between us through major projects.

A lot has changed since you were in Cyprus 50 years ago," Tatar said, adding: "We have achieved very important successes in the region. The gain of our countries in the blue homeland is at least 400 thousand square kilometers, he said.

Ersin Tatar concluded his address to the veterans with the following words:

As President of the TRNC, I am happy and happy to have the opportunity to address you as a person who has gained great trust in Turkey with the support of my people, and as a representative of the national policy currently being pursued. Once again, congratulations and congratulations to you, because 50 years is not an easy time. A lot has changed in 50 years, but we are getting stronger and stronger. Because the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was not created as a joke in history. While the people of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are now moving into the future with free, independent, confident steps, the Turkish Republic has completed its 100th anniversary and will be able to lead the entire Turkic world as a great Turkish state with much greater success in the second century, in the new Turkish century, and at the same time it will to have very positive reflections in the execution of our just cause in the TRNC. I hope that on the 50th anniversary of the Cyprus peacekeeping operation, we will be able to convey very important messages to the whole world. There are two different peoples living in Cyprus. With their own language, religion, culture, history, experience, heroism, expectations. I hope that thanks to the opportunity of two separate peoples to continue their lives under the roof of two separate states and the further institutionalization of relations between us and Anatolia in our age of communication, new generations will continue their lives in this geography with their heads held high and honorable in the future.