Transport infrastructure is developing in Turkmenistan

Transport infrastructure is developing in Turkmenistan

With the increasing importance of the middle corridor, many transport infrastructure projects have been implemented in Turkmenistan.

The transport routes passing through the countries of Central Asia open up great opportunities for establishing sustainable and safe transport. Turkmenistan is one of the key countries of the Middle Corridor project, which will bring the historical Silk Road back to life.

The Russian-Ukrainian war in the north and tensions between Israel and Iran in the south have further increased the importance of the middle corridor. The Trans-Caspian transport Corridor has become a safe route connecting Europe and Central Asia. In order to increase the efficiency of the middle corridor and increase logistics capacities, the country's transport infrastructure is being updated.

While it is planned to increase the capacity of the country's airports to 3,800 passengers per hour, new highways are being added to the 5,000 km long highways. With the help of these projects, it is designed to provide all the necessary conditions for the export of goods.

Among the implemented investments, the most striking is the port of Turkmenbashi, located at the intersection of Europe-Asia freight routes and received the status of a green port in 2023. The port, which costs $1.5 billion, has an annual cargo capacity of 17 million tons.

Experts emphasize that the port of Turkmenbashi is a vital link for the countries of Central Asia and offers an economically profitable trade route. The state takes the largest share in financing these investments.