TRNC Tatar President

TRNC Tatar President: We probably have the right to ask what the UN is doing in conditions when children are being killed

TRNC President Ersin Tatar said: "But how much can they interfere in the affairs of Palestine today? That's what we doubt. Perhaps we have the right to ask what the United Nations is doing when so many children are being killed."

The municipality of Altyndag and the Embassy of Cyprus in Ankara planted seedlings in the "Park of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the Memorial Forest of the Martyrs of Cyprus" for 49 TRNC citizens who died as a result of the earthquake that occurred in Kahramanmarash on February 6.

The ceremony was attended by the President of the Tatars, TRNC Finance Minister Ozdemir Berova, the Mayor of Altyndag, Associate Professor Dr. Asim Balji, TRNC Ambassador to Ankara Ismet Korukoglu, high-ranking officials and numerous guests.

Tatar noted that the Mayor of Altyndag Balji has always shown a very close interest in the TRNC and the Turkish Cypriot people, and stressed that the earthquake on February 6 was not a catastrophe of a century, but 1000 years.

Stating that the pain experienced by 49 TRNC citizens who died in Adiyaman is indescribable, Tatar said that the relatives of those who have died since then are constantly thinking about what can be done for their memory.

Tatar said that thanks to this work in the nursery carried out by the municipality of Altyndag, the names of 49 dead citizens of the TRNC will be transferred to the future.