"Turkey is making firm steps towards becoming a world power"

"Turkey is making firm steps towards becoming a world power"

In his speech at the rally in Adana, President Erdogan said: "We have resolutely defended and continue to defend the rights and laws of our country, the interests of our state and the honor of our nation in the international arena. Everyone who follows international politics recognizes the fact that Turkey is making firm steps towards becoming a global power, not just a regional one."


President and Chairman of the Justice and Development Party Recep Tayyip Erdogan took part in a rally in Adana, held on the Forecourt, and made a speech.

"I have known you for a long time, this beauty is from Kadir Mevla, your tongue is sweeter than sugar, Adana," President Erdogan said welcoming everyone : "I am glad to be with you in Adana, the city of labor and abundance, where I have received my blessings."


After reading Karadzaoglan's lines, Erdogan continued: "As long as our soul remains in the body, our hearts will not leave Adana. Adana, who wrote a book about friendship, bravery and youth under the slogan "We are from Adana, we are God's people," is even more beautiful today. We see Adana, the city of our prayer elders, who know sacrifice and fidelity as a jewel in the crown, as the locomotive city of our vision of the century of Turkey. It is also suitable for the city of lovers who have made the Taurus Mountains and Chukurova their homeland with their sayings that make the firmament ring with our national voice and make our heartstrings tremble, saying: "The roads crossing the high mountain are ours."



Responding to birthday greetings, President Erdogan said: "Thank you. We are a year older now."

President Erdogan continued his speech as follows: "We are proud of Adana's camaraderie, which is reflected in his folk songs, and whose dignified attitude towards friends and enemies we admire. Thanks to the support she gave to the People's Alliance on March 31, Adana hopes to write a new epic. I say, give me the official figure and see how things are on the square. Currently, there are 75 thousand people on the square in Adana. It is time to soften Adana's longing for real municipalism. Are we ready? Are we ready to snatch Adana from these hands? I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support you provided to us and the People's Alliance in the elections last May. Of course, the 45 percent of the votes we received in this election are far from reflecting the strong bond of love between us and Adana. We want to bring it to the desired level. We consider March 31 as an opportunity for this. With Allah's permission, Adana will unleash her true potential by blowing up the ballot boxes on March 31. Are we ready for this? I believe that you will show this day to those who want to force the nation, especially their own voters, to come to the polls and vote."



Answering the question of those who work in the field: "Will Adana tolerate such art?", President Erdogan said: "Will Adana give way to those who accept their will like a partridge in a sack? Does Adana carry on her backs those who are unlucky in their work and ministry?"

President Erdogan said: "You see the state of the opposition, especially the NRP. They cannot lift their heads from the struggle for power within the party. Since they do not have the opportunity to communicate with each other and quarrel with each other, they are not able to do any other subjects. I ask my brothers from Adana, we see that they are not particularly concerned about any problems of the country, except for a few words that they pronounce as if something is forbidden to them.


Similarly, have you heard about a project that will solve some problems of our cities and the people who live there? Have you seen them take a principled position on international issues? You cannot see it, you cannot hear it; you cannot be because it does not exist. They tried to convince my brothers from Adana that a public tent is a hospital. They are such liars. Can those who have not done anything good for themselves do good for the country and the people? Is it expected that Adana's problems will be of interest to those who see nothing but their own interests? We call it the "century of Turkey." We call this "real municipalism." We say, "We are ready." We say, "We are determined." And they undermine each other behind closed doors. With dirty alliances, you know, as you brew tea, so it is brewed. They are trying to win the election through shadow negotiations."

"As you know, there was a man whom they nominated to the nation as a presidential candidate in May, and they put 6 candidates for deputies after him, you remember," President Erdogan said, adding: "When they did not find what they hoped for in the elections, they put all the blame on the presidential candidates and justified themselves."



President Erdogan said: "They so excluded their chairman, whom they admired so much, from the party that they almost did not let his cat Shero in the door. However, what did they all say on election night? "We have won, we are winning!" With this refrain they ridiculed the consciousness of the nation. I don't count the crocodile tears they shed. Thus, it was not about claims to govern the country. The only question is who will express their opinion in their party. The NRP administration deserves to be condemned in the eyes of the nation and history only for using the opposition energy of this country and making it useless. Now, from here, from Adana, raise a sound that even deaf ears can hear. Even if the hardened hearts are trembling. Are we ready? Are we ready for Turkey's Cities of the Century on March 31? Have we decided on the cities of the Century in Turkey on March 31? Are we really choosing real municipalism on March 31? Are we ready to go home with the main echelon, women's departments, youth departments, before election day? Are we ready to paint the map of Turkey in the colors of the People's Alliance together with Adana on election night? May the Lord bless you all."


President Erdogan said that he considers Turkey his home, homeland and the only love for which they risk martyrdom, and said that they love the country for its stone, land, difficulties and beauty.



The national anthem says: "Who would not sacrifice themselves for the sake of this heavenly homeland, After reading the lines from gina, President Erdogan said: "That's the problem. We are fighting in all fields for our Heavenly Homeland, our beloved people and our children, who are the key to our future. Despite all the obstacles we faced, we duly paid our debt of gratitude to our Homeland. We have never cast a shadow on the will of the people, which was entrusted to our honor at the polling stations. With the help of Allah and with the support of our people, we have brought to our knees all the opponents of Turkey, ranging from violence to various terrorist organizations. As on the night of July 15, we did not retreat from attempts to invade the country. On the night of the coup, when someone was sipping coffee in front of the TV, we stood back to back with our nation and narrowed the squares for traitors to FETO. In the international arena, we have resolutely defended and defend the rights and law of our country, the interests of our state, and the dignity of our nation. We are not a country that is trying to get Europe to do well in foreign policy, but a country that is appreciated all over the world for its honest and steadfast position. Everyone who follows international politics recognizes this fact today. Turkey is making firm steps towards becoming a global power, not just a regional one. The key role of our country in crisis management is becoming more and more clear. We are in Libya. We are in Karabakh. In all these places, Turkey holds hands with its brothers and sisters, stands shoulder to shoulder and takes firm steps along this path."



Noting that Turkey's growing reputation in foreign policy is backed by a strong defense industry, President Erdogan said: "As our dependence on foreign sources in the defense industry decreased, our effectiveness in the international arena increased. When we took office, we were 80 percent dependent on other defense industry enterprises. Most of the weapons and ammunition that we used in the fight against terrorism were purchased from abroad. We didn't even have full control over the guns we were buying. What have we done in the face of this picture, which does not suit Turkey at all? Along with other areas, we have paid special attention to the defense industry."

President Erdogan said that they are not among those who speak: "This is how it happened, this is how it happens" in the defense industry, and that they chose the most difficult, but the best for Turkey instead of the easy one, and said: "We ourselves began to produce weapons used by our security forces, including pistols and rifles. We have invested heavily in new technologies such as unmanned aerial vehicles. We have encouraged our companies that work in this field. Today we are reaping the fruits of seedlings planted in the ground in 2005 and 2010, praise be to Allah a thousand times. The projects that we started many years ago are turning into airplanes, tanks, ships, missiles and rockets, which are a source of pride for all of us today. Turkey is writing an epic in the field of defense. Last year, we commissioned the world's first unmanned aerial vehicle, the Anadolu. We are in the process of building our own design, our national submarine. We are already one of the three world leaders in the field of UAVs. Today, the skies of 34 different countries are guarded by Turkish UAVs. Recently, our domestic KAAN combat aircraft successfully made its first flight. Thus, we have become one of the 4 countries in the world that can produce 5th generation aircraft. This pride belongs to all of us, as 85 million. As a nation, we believed, we worked, we didn't give up and, thank God, we succeeded."




Stressing that the achievements in the field of defense industry are just the beginning, President Erdogan said: "In the coming years we will do much more, more modern, more advanced, stronger and more than what has been done."

Stating that the Naval Forces command is working on the construction of the next segment of the aircraft carrier, President Erdogan said: "When we say, 'we will do it,' we will do it. Although the chronic opponents and mankurts among us do not understand this, our friends and enemies know perfectly well what great things Turkey has achieved. In countries where the opposition is constantly being shown as an example, the last four days have been talking about the CAAN. The actions of the Turkish defense industry are being discussed. Although our friends, who have pinned their hopes on Turkey, are proud of our achievements, our rivals, of course, are also concerned. I hope we will give you more good news. We are faced with such a strange situation that when our mancurtized minds look at the CAAN, they see a radiator or a broom handle. But 100 million people in our heart, from Asia to Africa, see Turkey growing, becoming stronger and becoming the hope of the oppressed."



Noting that Turkey's achievements have strengthened its resolve and instilled courage and self-confidence in friendly and fraternal countries, President Erdogan said: "I hope that we will not disappoint these hopes. We will continue to strengthen and develop Turkey in all areas. As a single whole, big, alive, like brothers, we will lead our country to its goals, like Turkey. At the dawn of Turkey's Centenary, we will be proud to pass on the trust we received from our ancestors to the next generations."

Noting that Adana will become the locomotive of Turkey's centennial march, as it has been at all times, President Erdogan said: "Of course, for this we need to blow up the ballot boxes on March 31. That's why I want to take your word for it today. Promise?" he asked. When people on the ground said "we promise," President Erdogan replied: "The young man I know comes from Adana, he is a man of his word, he keeps his word."


Stressing that they rely on strong infrastructure, demonstrating a new vision and goals for Turkey and its cities, President Erdogan said that everyone with reason and conscience will accept what Turkey has achieved in 21 years.


Recalling that over the past 21 years they have invested 279 billion liras in Adana, President Erdogan noted that they have built 10,809 new classrooms in the field of education, established the Alparslan Turkesh University of Science and Technology, opened buildings of dormitories of higher educational institutions with a capacity of 7,959 people for youth and sports, and also brought 55 sports facilities to Adana facilities, including a stadium with a capacity of 33 thousand spectators.



Stating that they have transferred 20 billion lira of resources to the needy citizens of Adana as social assistance, President Erdogan said that they have opened 25 hospitals and 71 medical institutions totaling 4,255 beds to serve the people of Adana.


Recalling that they introduced Adana to the 1,640-bed city hospital, President Erdogan said that the construction of a 100-bed state hospital and two medical facilities in Yuregir is continuing.

Also stating that they have completed the construction of 18,400 houses and handed them over to their rightful owners through TOKI, President Erdogan said: "We are continuing the construction of 6,226 houses. As part of the urban transformation, we have transformed 8,873 independent sites, which we have identified as risky structures in our city. We have completed three of our seven national gardens projects in Adana, we are continuing the construction of three of them and the design work on one. In the field of transport, we have increased the distance we have taken from 249 kilometers to 431 kilometers. This year we are completing the construction of the Adana-Karatash road, the Kozan-Feke-Saimbayli-Tufanbayli road, the Ceyhan-Yumurtalyk road, the Imamoglu-Ayrim-Aladag road and the Mansurlu road at the Kozan interchange. Along with all the railways in the city, we have upgraded the Adana-Mersin railway and built an additional line, reducing travel time by half. Our work on the Mersin, Adana, Osmaniye, Gaziantep high-speed train line continues in stages. In addition to our current airport, this year we will complete and put into operation the Chukurov International Airport."


Stressing that they will further strengthen Turkey's key role in international transportation by creating the largest logistics base in the Eastern Mediterranean in Adana, President Erdogan said that they had brought 11 dams, 39 irrigation facilities, 10 land consolidation projects, 60 flood protection structures, a pond and 28 hydroelectric power plants to Adana.




Stating that the construction of 7 dams, which will serve to irrigate a total of 15,000 hectares of land in Adana, continues, President Erdogan said that they have opened 1.3 million hectares of agricultural land in the city for irrigation and provided farmers with an annual increase in agricultural income of 9.5 billion liras.


Stating that they will open 535 thousand hectares of land for irrigation with 12 irrigation facilities under construction, President Erdogan said: "We have provided agricultural grant support and investments of 52 billion lira to our farmers in Adana. In industry and technology, we have created 2 new organized industrial zones, 3 industrial zones, a technopark, 12 research centers and 8 design centers. With the help of our Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, we have created organized agricultural zones of Adana and Karatash. Now we have started working on the creation of an organized chemical industrial zone in our city. To support employment, we have provided premium benefits totaling 9 billion liras to employers in Adana. We have provided gas to our city, which has about 224 thousand energy components, and all its districts. I hope we will do much more when we unite Adana with the real municipal vision of the People's Alliance on March 31."


Stating that these works, services and investments that they have brought to Adana and to the whole of Turkey are a benchmark for them, President Erdogan said: "I believe that with your support, we will hopefully provide Adana with the services she deserves in local government. I entrust you with the candidates for mayors of the capital and district akims from our People's Alliance. I know that you will defend these candidates."


After his speech, President Erdogan presented the candidates for mayor of Adana and the district, naming them in alphabetical order.


And after the rally, President Erdogan visited the governorate of Adana and received information about his work from the governor of Adana, Yavuz Selim Keshger.