We plan to transfer 46 thousand houses and village houses to

"We plan to transfer 46 thousand houses and village houses to earthquake victims by the end of the year"


In his speech at the meeting of the VNST group of the SR party, President Erdogan said: "Starting next month, we will begin transferring completed houses built as a result of the earthquake to their rightful owners. By the end of the year, we plan to transfer a total of 46 thousand houses for earthquake victims and village houses to our rightful owners."


President and Chairman of the SR Party Recep Tayyip Erdogan took part in a meeting of the SR party group in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (VNST) and he made a speech.

In his speech, President Erdogan said that those who are being persecuted by Israel in Gaza describe what they have been going through since October 7 as "total hell," and added: "About 16,000 of our brothers and sisters from Gaza, more than 70 percent of whom are women and children, died as a result of Israeli attacks. More than 35,000 of our Palestinian brothers were wounded. I remember each of the martyrs with mercy and wish the wounded a speedy recovery from Allah," he added.


Stating that two thirds of buildings in Gaza have been destroyed, vandalized or fallen into disrepair, President Erdogan said: "The health and education infrastructure in Gaza has been completely destroyed. Netanyahu, who committed one of the biggest atrocities of the last century in Gaza, has already written his name in history as the "butcher of Gaza." This black spot lies not only on Netanyahu's forehead, but also on the forehead of all those who unconditionally support him. This stain of shame will never be washed away. We will never forget the crimes against humanity and war crimes committed in Gaza, nor the lack of reaction from Western countries, with the exception of one or two. We will use all available means to hold the Israeli administration accountable before international law and the conscience of humanity.


President Erdogan noted that thanks to the incentives provided by the state, there is a mobilization of exports and production throughout Turkey: "I would like to express that we consider this momentum very valuable, which we have achieved despite the difficulties in the global economy, the crises that broke out in our region, and the negative consequences of the earthquakes on February 6. We provide all possible support to our business world to strengthen this climate. We support every entrepreneur who relies on investment, employment, production, export and innovation."


"Unfortunately, there are those in our country who want to turn an earthquake into a political opportunity, as well as those who want to turn it into an economic benefit," President Erdogan said, adding that the "earthquake people" who took advantage of the pain of the people learned a lesson at the ballot box At the last election, they were spanked by the people's will.

President Erdogan noted the following: "We will not allow earthquake opportunists into economic life. Especially in the field of building materials and construction work, there are exorbitantly high prices that cannot be explained by market realities. There are cases when the same material is sold with a difference of 20 or 30 percent in two cities located 60 or 70 kilometers from each other. We intend to fight this bias, this dishonesty, which is completely caused by greed."

Explaining that they will provide all possible support to companies working sacrificially in the region to complete the construction of houses affected by the earthquake, and at the same time fight against opportunists, President Erdogan said: "We know that high demand after the earthquake led to an increase in the cost of construction work. To help our companies in this process, we allow additional price differences and extension of construction work. We see that there are problems with the timely completion of construction contracts announced before the earthquake. In order for the investments to be completed on schedule, we, as a state, both facilitate and take on the burden in this matter. Our responsibility is to support those who do their job properly and not give opportunities to those who seek excessive profits."

Noting that their approach to the construction and restoration work carried out in the earthquake zone is carried out in this direction, President Erdogan continued his words as follows: "With God's help, starting next month, we will begin transferring completed houses affected by the earthquake to their rightful owners. By the end of the year, we plan to transfer a total of 46 thousand houses and village houses to the earthquake victims."